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The iPhone is going to dominate the Web 2.0 world

The iPhone is probably the coolest and the most useful gadget I have ever owned. I have been playing around with the iPhone for several months now and mark my words when I say this, “by the end of 2009, everyone will have ditched their existing phones and convert to the iPhone”. Yeah, so that means you too, dear reader! Wink

I initially wanted to get an HTC phone, but after comparing the price and functionalities between these two “touch-technology” gadgets, I came to the conclusion that the iPhone is the better choice. And I was right. It’s wayyyyyy better.

Why iPhone? Well first of all, we all already know how cool the iPhone’s multi-touch technology works. The ability to enlarge pictures by stretching apart your two fingers on the screen, moving things around here and there, zooming in and out, flipping pages and stuffs, all by using the gestures of your fingers on the screen… plus the iPhone’s ability of knowing whether you’re holding the phone vertically or horizontally… these things has never failed to awe anyone who’s new to it. It is just unbelievably advanced and “intelligent” - and soooo cool…. again - that you’ll feel like you got hold of a device from the future. That’s right folks, The Future is Now.

Okay, enough of the sales talk. Three reasons why the iPhone is going to dominate the Web 2.0 world:

1. Browsing websites in the iPhone is exactly the same as like browsing websites on your PC/laptop

Yes! Thanks to the multi-touch technology, the Safari browser inside the iPhone will render webpages just as it normally would in a normal computer! No more impractical WAP-based pages and phones - they are so dead. I hate seeing broken pages and minimalist sites on a slow GPRS connection anyway. The iPhone connects to the Internet via WiFi (now even 3G!), so iPhone users can actually sit at Starbucks and browse the Internet without even needing to carry that heavy laptop. And remember, it renders the actual page! AJAX, Javascript, all will be working correctly. So that means Web 2.0 apps are going to be used for a long, long time ahead!

2. Affordable price

Priced at only USD199 for the new Version 2 iPhone, anyone can afford one these days. I am pretty convinced that the iPhone is going to be the next Windows PC of this era. Everyone is going to get themselves an iPhone, and once everyone starts using it, more and more web apps will be exposed to those people who previously was never really Internet-savvy users before.

3. iPhone apps can be developed

Lots and lots of ever-increasing number of apps can be freely downloaded from the net and installed in the iPhone. If you’re a Web 2.0 developer, it doesn’t hurt to build an iPhone app for your web app as well. More and more iPhone apps are being developed as we speak. The iPhone apps will help boost the functionalities and practicalities of your web app. Take it to your full advantage!

The iPhone is just too awesome that I’m warning other mobile providers like Nokia, Samsung and LG…… YOU GUYS BETTER START WORRYING! Cool