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13 Startup CEOs discussing Web 2.0

This one is quite a lengthy video (could be “old” too) but is rich of interesting insights about the Web 2.0 industry. In this video, Michael Arrington (for those who don’t know, he’s the TechCrunch guy) interviewed 13 well-known startup CEOs including one from JotSpot, Browster (dead), ye olde Technorati, RapLeaf, Rojo, Socializr, Bolt, Piczo, VideoEgg, Eurekster and Simply Hired.

Topics range from the basic fundamentals of Web 2.0 to the deep inner workings of startup companies, including the limitations, challenges and tips of managing a serious Web 2.0 startup company. So if you have 25 minutes to kill, sit back, relax, and enjoy this video Undecided

Hope you learnt something interesting & useful today.