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3 simple steps to create a simple Web2.0 logo

As an Internet Entrepreneur where your time and financial budget is limited, it is always a good idea to equip yourself with as many skills as you can handle. Knowing a little bit of graphic design can be very helpful most of the times. At least you don’t have to pay hundreds of bucks for someone to design you just a simple logo. The good news is you don’t need to know advanced graphics design when it comes to Web2.0 because Web2.0 designs are always created around “simplicity” and “cleanliness” (thank God!). Here’s a a few steps of how you can easily create a decent Web2.0 logo without much hassle. (PS: I use Macromedia Fireworks to do most of my image editing jobs. A handy tool!).

Generally, there are 3 basic things you need to consider when designing a Web2.0 logo:

1. The Text
2. The Object
3. The Style

Focus only on these three points and you won’t be scratching your heads anymore! Ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s go one by one.

The text

Let’s say your Web App is called “Flarke”. What you need to do is choosing the right font and the right color for this text. A smooth and simple looking font is always better than the edgy and complicated ones. In my case, I use the font “Euphemia”. When it comes to the color part, it is good to have at least two different colors for your text. If your text have two words paired together (like StumbledUpon), you can make each words to have different colours. If your text only consists of one word (like “Flarke”), then use your common sense and just differentiate the colors at some points. Here’s how my initial logo comes out:
Web2.0 tutorial step one

This is so far very basic.

The Object

Text alone is too naked. You need an object to give your logo an attitude and a brand for people to recognise and remember. It can be an object that is related to your application or it can be something you create randomly - just make sure it looks fine. In my case, I created two simple rings which color matches the primary color of the logo, and shoved it to the corner of the initial text I created in Step 1. Simple. Here’s how it looks like now:
Web2.0 logo step two
Actually this is already a good logo for a Web2.0 application. Clean and slick. But adding a few styles will make it look even better.

The Style

Web2.0 logos are often seen to have either of these two styles: One is a “glassy-look”, and another is by having a “reflection”. You can use either of this, or better still, you may even apply both. For now, I’ll just apply a reflection to my logo so that it looks like this.
Web2.0 logo step three
Oh!… isn’t that a nice looking logo? Only three steps and you already created a decent, official-looking, and acceptable Web2.0 logo. But wait, Web2.0 logo usually also comes with the word “beta” (or any of its variants like “alpha”, “zeta”, etc). So let’s put it in and complete the logo:
Web2.0 logo step four
That’s it! You’re done! Cool


Short video about Web2.0

It’s hard not to include this video when you’re writing a blog that speaks about Web2.0. Contrary to popular beliefs, this video does not explain nor define what Web2.0 is. What it actually does is showing us how the Web has evolved from as simple as a shared text document on the net into what the Web is like as we see it today - the Web2.0. It tells us how we - as the Internet users from all around the world - has indirectly participated in shaping the future of the Web and contributing to the advancement of the Web technologies. This is a really cool video mainly because of its creativeness as well as the music that goes along with it :-D. Enjoy:


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